中国北京 第2回全国日本料理コンテストに参加



Last week, Mr. Sakaguchi attended the 2018 World Food Expo in Beijing, featuring food from all over the world, a wide variety of foods and traditional Chinese food. The most important part of the exhibition is the second National Japanese Food Administration Competition, which was attended by more than 70 Japanese food chef from 11 cities. Ten years ago, China owned more than 2,000 stores, and 10 years later, more than 27,000 stores. The number of working people now stands at 100000 and is expected to reach between 50,000 and 100000 Japanese food restaurants in the next three to five years. The problem is that the lack of talent . Mr. Sakaguchi, who is leading the training of Japanese chefs, was interviewed by Beijing TV, a Beijing-based television station with authoritative influence in China. In his speech, Mr. Sakaguchi said he would work hard to train Japanese food talent to serve Chinese and foreign guests. Also mentioned is the Japanese government’s strong support for the Japanese government’s overseas certification program.

記事編集者:和食人材 プラットフォーム
陳 晗君